ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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  • Participation Activity, Session 23: The Story of My Name
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    How did you get your name?

    I got my name because my mother had initially wanted to name me Joshua, which was a name that came from the holy bible. However, there was another issue. There was a soap opera she was watching at the time. I do not remember the name of this show, but in it, there was a very villainous character named Joshua. From what I understand, she was so disgusted by the character that she decided not to name me Joshua, but she still liked the name. She mixed up the words, and eventually came up with the name Josuel. She was proud of it, and felt as though she had invented it, although I’m pretty sure there were, and still are other people with my name.


    Alex Cheung

    3. Who is the person who named you and why did they chose this name?

    My name is Alex Cheung, I am my parents first child after coming to America. Being native Chinese speakers, they knew little to no English. So, my parents asked my aunt who knew English what they should name me. She suggested the name Alex which was the name of her then husband. My parents thought the name sounded nice so they named me Alex.


    Serena Ngai

    How did you get your name? (the origin story)

    I have 3 names given to me, my English name, my Chinese name, and my nickname. My English name Serena was given to me with no real special meaning. My mother just heard the name Selena and decided to call me Serena. As for my Chinese name and how I got it, it is unknown to me for I was never told of its origins. What’s sadder in my opinion is that no one really calls me my Chinese name and use my nickname instead. My nickname’s translation means little pig and got that nickname because when I was a baby, I always slept like a pig. I really didn’t like that nickname but now I have already gotten used to it.


    Ray-Ana W.

    How did you get your name?

    The two people who combined their names taking the Ray and ana forming Rayana were my parents and few share it. However, life always does the unexpected, and my Uncle who wanted to write my name on the birth certificate made his twist. He wrote the name Ray-Ana the first child of Roseyana and Raymond. It is unique and I have had the chance of holding my family bonds. Once people get it, it sticks like glue. The hyphen keeps it together. Two different parts can be used as separate names.
    My name was well thought out and meaningful. It was a combo move from individuals who love me. Today I have inherited their legacy. At school, they pronounce my name correctly but often spell it wrong. Many ask if it’s Anna or Ana. Moreover, they never realize I have a hyphen or two capital letters in my first name making it different and unique. I believe, each individual is unique, and depending on not only your genetics but the surroundings you grow in, it influences you. Each situation in my life and all those I encountered played a role in making me who I am and the new ones make me grow every day. This helps to define who I am, Ray-Ana Walford, a person who strives to achieve success in life as I move forward becoming a better and greater individual than I was the day before.

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    Karanjit Singh

    3. Who is the person who named you and why did they choose this name?
    My name is Karanjit Singh, my last name was decided by my dad. The last name Sikh is a mandated name given to Sikh males in Punjabi culture which means a lion. This is to show the bravery and sacrifices the Sikhs made to protect their Punjabi culture. Sikhs went through a lot to protect their culture because the Mughals would try to separate them from the Sikh culture and adopt to theirs in which the Sikhs refused and were killed despite knowing the consequences. My first name came to be when my parents went to a priest who used horoscopes and according to that gave my parents either a couple of options or one specific name, I am not too sure if there was any options for me. Karanjit is a pretty common name in India and I am very proud of my full name, there is no other name I would rather have.



    How did you get your name? (the origin story)
    When i was born my uncle gave me the name naveen.
    But another uncle who was strict hindu looked at the name and at my astrology sheet wich is a piece of paper that someone wrote with something about where the planets where on the date and time that i was born. I actually dont understand how that works but its a thing apparently. And the uncle said that my name had to be 10 letters so my name became naveenthan.
    When i looked up my name naveen, i found out that it means “new”. And thats the origin of my name.



    November 19, 2020

    Kathy-Ann Valme

    Creative Writing

    What’s in a name?

    I was oftentimes reminded by my family how I got my name. From a young age I was told that I was affectionately called Katherine, which was my grandmother’s name on my father’s side of the family. To say the least, they told me that I depicted traits of her personality and she was also extremely fond of me, hence it was quite befitting. This name has remained with me throughout my life. I have always loved the name and in honor of my grandma’s memory I decided to officially change my name to reflect that. After careful thought I was insistent in putting my own twist to it and so I did a deed poll and changed it to Kathy-Ann. I love my name and what it represents. It represents to me confidence and tenacity.

    Prior to my name change I hated the name I was given at birth, Medora , it made me feel older that my years and I was always teased about it in school . Since Katherine was the popular name I knew, it just automatically followed me everywhere. I remembered working on a job in a Call Center setting and I asked my co-workers to call me, “Katherine or Kathy,” instead of Medora. All my colleagues honored my request and they all chose to call me Kathy. Everything was going smoothly until one day my supervisor Christine, known for her frankness, was perusing the schedule and politely asked, “Who is Medora?” I told her it was me and then she asked, “Why do you want to be called Kathy?” I explained to her that I didn’t like the name Medora and how I was ridiculed about it all the time. She just looked me in straight in the eyes and said, “Well if you hate the name that much just go ahead and change it.” At that moment I felt empowered because I realized that change was imminent. I progressed steadily and researched the methods I needed to employ to bring about change. From then onwards I have been much happier and I celebrate this achievement continuously.

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