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  • 9/28 "parallel" and 'parallelism" in writing
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    Prof. Masiello


    As you probably see by now, parallelism in writing (and speaking) improves the sound and succinctness.

    You end up saying the same thing in maybe fewer and definitely better-sounding ways.


    Prof. Masiello


    Your comment is similar to others’, so please just see my replies to others.



    Osman Hassan

    1. Two non-overlapping lines that are going in the same direction and will never intersect
    2. I’ve heard it in math class on the topic of lines, but also in English class when finding similarities between works of literature.
    3. I believe parallelism in writing is good since it makes the transition from sentence to sentence seamless and easier to read. The use of this also makes it easier to follow a train of thought.



    1. Parallel are two lines that do not touch

    2. i heard and used this context in math

    3. I never heard of it in writing before so it will be fine to find out

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