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  • 9/28 "parallel" and 'parallelism" in writing
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    Prof. Masiello

    There is a concept in writing improvement that many students may not have ever been taught about: parallelism.

    We hear and use the word “parallel” often, but not in the context of an English class.

    1. What does the word “parallel” mean?

    2. When have you heard it or used it, i.e. in what context.

    3. Do you think parallelism in writing is good or bad?


    Jaheim Wilson

    1) Parallel is usually defined as objects that are side by side and have the same distance from each other

    2) Parallel is commonly used in mathematics. More specifically geometry. Like parallel lines.

    3) I believe parallelism is crucial to our writing skills. It helps our sentences sound more organized and comprehensive.


    1. Parallel means that two lines are next to each other and will not intersect if the lines are extended infinitely

    2. I’ve heard it in math classes when talking about lines, and in other classes like English or history in the context of showing how some ideas are similar.

    3. I believe that parallelism is writing is good because it can be a great tool to improve your writing. I don’t see how parallelism itself would be bad.



    1. The word parallel means something happening in the same exact way or something in a way that is related or connected.

    2. I’ve used parallel in math class where I would need to solve problems.

    3. I think parallelism is a good thing when writing because it fixes and improves your writing skill like for example where you have bad habits of writing something not as formal it would provide more information into your own writing.


    Melissa Romero

    1. What does the word “parallel” mean?
    when two lines or objects are side by side having the same distance between them.
    2. When have you heard it or used it, i.e. in what context.
    I’ve heard of it when I had my math class when we would talk about to lines parallel to each other.
    3. Do you think parallelism in writing is good or bad?
    I believe that parallelism is good for writing because it improves your writing and effective public speaking.


    Prof. Masiello

    Yes, Melissa,

    “Parallel” is first learned in math and geometry, and we also use it to say that two things parallel each other, as in a very similar.

    One could say, for example, that West Side Story parallels Romeo and Juliet.


    Prof. Masiello

    Actually, Matthew, parallelism in writing doesn’t add meaning to thoughts. Instead, it makes the words that are chosen sound better.



    1. Two lines that never touch but go the same way
    2. I’ve only heard it and used it in math class
    3. I’ve never heard of it in writing before but from what I’ve read on google it seems to be repetition. Which I don’t think is bad. There’s nothing wrong with it to me.


    Prof. Masiello

    Good responses, Malkhut.


    Obrien Eastman

    1. Parallel means that two lines are next to each other and will not intersect.

    2. I’ve learned about parallel lines in math classes.

    3. I’ve never heard about parallel lines in writing so im clueless in if its good or bad but im excited to learn more


    Daniela S

    1. Parallel means when more than one thing are aligned.

    2. I’ve only heard it in math which is when two lines don’t intersect. It could mean other things, but i’ve never really heard anyone use the word parallel in a non-mathematical way.

    3. I believe parallelism requires a lot of thinking because it’s constructing and fixing the way you speak, write, and say things. Makes it sound more new and advanced.



    1. what parallel means to me is two lines the never touch but are equal distance from each other

    2. I heard it used in math class

    3. I think it is bad because you not giving credit to the person who found the information and claiming it as your own



    1. When something is side by side but not connecting

    2. In geometry when talking about parallel lines

    3. I haven’t heard of parallelism before so I’m not sure.


    Prof. Masiello


    Haven’t you ever heard someone say “parallel universe”? Usually, it would be in the context of science and science fiction. Also, in electricity, the word parallel is used. Now you have more to become curious about! Yes, “parallel” is mostly discussed with lines.


    Prof. Masiello

    Michael, you are right about straight lines but not about writing.

    You seem to be confusing parallelism (a good thing) with plagiarism (a forbidden thing)!

    Parallelism is adding harmony to your wording using words that sound good near one another.

    Please reread the explanation I sent originally.

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