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Sept. 14, 2021 Discussion about the reading, “Salvation”

Questions about the readings: “Salvation” is a narrative essay, a memoir that is non-fiction. When you include it in your […]

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Sept. 14 Discussion post for the short story,

Questions about the readings: “Girl” This is an extremely short short story. Unlike novels, short stories usually can be read […]

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Homework for Sept. 14 and 16

Subject: The first set of readings — Theme: Youth and Growing Up Please read all three in the order they […]

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classwork on complex sentences and changing words

Sentence work on subordination To DO: 1) Please think of some words that begin with the prefix “sub.” Remember, this […]

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8) classwork on compound sentences

TO DO You may Google this: 5)  (continued from the Discussion for today, Sept. 2) Please make a list of […]

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Fall 2021 Syllabus

Division of Arts/Humanities Department of English Prof. Frank Masiello email: fmasiello@citytech.cuny.edu ENG 1101 Composition I Fall 2021 Online and synchronous […]

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Professor’s final — choose mine or the department’s final (and remember the research paper is a separate longer assignment)

Final Exam Essay “Brokeback Mountain” was originally a short story, written in 1997 by Annie Proulx, published in The New […]

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Departmental final (and do not forget that the research paper is not the final)

The department’s final, which is one option, is a multi-page pdf., which I cannot paste here. I am putting it […]

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I cannot upload the sample Works Cited

Email me if you need the sample Works Cited…

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activity to complete asap

Activity to practice writing a Works Cited On a separate sheet of paper, convert the information in each of the […]

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