ENG 1101 Fall 2021 0277

1) Almost no one did the quotation assignment perfectly, so I will resend it to be completed by Thursday morning. I commented either directly on your Discussion posts or below. Many of the entries had some things that could have been improved.
Those who did nothing now have a second chance. This is important, easy classwork and not doing it is like being absent.

2) If you have not yet submitted your first essay, please do so now. It would be a good idea, at this point, to make sure you have added transitionals–as previously assigned–and try starting with either a question that you devise or a related quote that you can find now that you are learning how to find and display interesting quotes as an attention grabber or hook.

2a) If you recently submitted the above essay, you will get it back soon. I have an injury that prevents me from sitting too long so I am slow to fully grade essays properly.


3) Please make sure you understand the concept of adding an anecdote to an essay AS AN ALTERNATIVE HOOK RATHER THAN A QUESTION OR A QUOTE. Reread what I sent in the past two weeks if you have no idea.
Remember: creating questions is easy; finding quotes is creative. Having an anecdote is something rather different because you might not have one. Please know what an anecdote is. It was briefly explained within the past two weeks.

“Please look for good quotes”
document for reference to item 1, above.

Congrats to those who are conscientious and keeping up with the work. In the next classes, we will delve into matters related to the all-important research paper.

EVERYONE SHOULD REMEMBER: By now you should be reading the novel you chose for the research paper.
If you need advice or assistance, please email me.

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