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    Prof. Masiello

    Hello, Nay,

    I will be explaining that odd punctuation marks before our next “class.”

    I am not sure what you mean by more body language in your writing. What I know one can use is sophisticated punctuation.

    As for using profanity, I strongly recommend that students do not resort to such language.

    Collegiate writing should be intellectual and proper, don’t you think?



    Good Evening Professor, my apologies I wasn’t referring to students when I used profanity as an example perhaps I should’ve worded my point more clearly. When I mentioned profanity I was thinking of authors specifically that have written books for older audiences such as adults would use profanity in their writing. But you are right Collegiate writing should be proper and intellectual and I would never use profanity in writing.


    Christian Saavedra

    A. My relationship with writing is strange, I love it, but it also annoys me for the right reasons I’d say. Whenever I write I’d like for it to sound casual but formal at the same time, I’d prefer my writing to come off as me being natural rather than sounding insincere as if I wrote a certain way for X reason. I give myself a hard time about picking the right words to convey what I want to say, and where I want to place punctuation(mainly commas). On the side, I write my thoughts in a journal and I don’t use as much punctuation there but I still like to maintain a format that is neat.
    A. I do enjoy a good read, although I haven’t read a good book in a while. However, nowadays I usually just read things regarding politics, and sometimes it can be a lot since personally I like to read about both sides. My favorite author so far has been Ransom Riggs, he had a book series called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and I really enjoyed it when I read it a couple of years ago. I remember the details Riggs mentioned made it feel as though I was in the book through the image created in my mind. As for now though, I’m not entirely sure its been a while since I read the series, but I’d like to remember it that way since it is like a fond memory to me now.

    D. I most definitely write better than I speak, while the way I speak is good, I don’t get to plan out what I want to say like I do when I speak. Sure there are pauses and whatnot that you can take while speaking, but I enjoy being able to structure anything I say because once you say something, there is no taking it back.
    e. Think about what you use when you speak, the things you do to help get your message across.
    I’m definitely a hand talker when I speak and I also use facial expressions when I speak. It’s just a natural thing for me at this point and I don’t think about it too much when I’m doing it. For example, if I’m going to say “Can I get a little bit of pepper?” for ordering food or something, I’ll make a small pinch hand motion and maybe a squinted face. I’ll make myself heard now especially since I’d be wearing a mask by speaking with my diaphragm, I was in a play in middle school but I never really forgot about the skill. It’s a nice way to make yourself heard and being straight to the point helps as well.
    F. I feel as though a good writer is made by the use of detail, the entire time you’re reading you are bound to have an image in your head which is created by what you just read. A lack of detail will mean a lower quality image which is made in your head, leading to what I think is a boring read since you won’t enjoy it or possibly not understand the read.
    G. Writers like me can add to the emphasis and emotion that speakers use in their voices and body language by thinking about what normal people do. Adding details which make the speaker/character seem more human, will resonate more with the reader. Rather than having some weird, perfect, or awkward character.
    H. Punctuation marks used in writing: , . : ; > ( ) [ ] ” ! / ? ‘
    I. Punctuation marks I’m not sure about:
    ; [ ]


    Leilani Dickinson

    E. When speaking I tend to use my hands although I am trying to break that habit. I also use my facial expressions which have become a habit in my everyday life, sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it. One’s voice can help convey their message to improve their argument.
    F. Good writers make writing effective and enjoyable by adding punctuation if you’re comfortable and familiar with it, it will come naturally. The use of punctuation will help readers understand what is going on while at the same time setting a mood.
    G. The way I word things and the punctuation I use can enhance the emotion or add emphasis on the mood I am trying to set. For example “Hey!” versus “Hey.” can let readers get the feel for a person being genuine and a person being rude (not the best example but I hope you get the point).
    H. I am familiar with “- , . : ; ? !”
    I am not comfortable using for don’t know what it is used for are ; {}


    Walter Guaman JR

    A) I like to write but it does depend sometimes on the genre of writing because i like a lot of mystery and horror genres. They appeal to me because of the plot twists and the way the tension builds up in the story. Writing for me is very relaxing because I’m able to write down all these stories that I have in my head and I build them up as I go.
    B) I struggling with writing when it comes to poetry because I find it difficult to understand the meanings behind some of them, and most can be very difficult because the meanings aren’t always crystal clear you have to find the hidden meaning to either the sentence or the word.
    C) I like to read novels and stories that have interesting plots, for me it varies because I like anything that has a attention grabbing plot to it. I don’t like to read text books or articles because they can get boring at times
    D) I write better than I speak because I tend to sound more clear when I write because I actually have time to register my thoughts. When I speak especially to someone new I tend to get a bit anxious and sometimes slur or murmur a little.
    E) When I speak I would normally use my hands or facial expression to convey what I’m trying to say to someone I’m talking to. I like to speak at a moderate pace so that people can understand what I’m trying to say to them.
    F) What good writers do that makes there writing more effective and enjoyable is that they pay attention to the audience and how the novel would relate to them, they would have to be up to date with what people are into.
    G) What writers can do to add emphasis or emotion in their writing is they should stay true to the genre and the emotions of the characters, and of course the punctuation helps a lot.
    I) ;[]{}


    Jaden W

    Writing may seem like a irksome task, however that’s only when you have a made up standard/criteria you have to write by. Writing should be your freedom of thought being laid out on paper. When a writer has to stretch out sentences to hit a word count, it makes their overall piece worse. Besides classwork the writing I do is a dream book. It’s not necessarily a book nor an everyday routine, but it’s more for the abnormal, lucid dreams that I sometimes have. I find reading enjoyable when the author is very descriptive. When I can’t make out the setting/world that the author places me in then i tend to drop the book. Graphic novels were my favorite growing up. My favorite author is definitely Rick Riordan because of his ‘Heroes of the Olympus’ series. ‘Percy Jackson’ was one of the first series I actually read completely and fell in love with. Not only did I love the plot and story but I felt so into a universe just off of my imagination from what the author detailed. I’ve been told a couple times from grades 3+ that I tend to leave my thoughts from the paper and my writing may not be as clear. I feel a lot more confident speaking over writing just for the simple fact I don’t think as much when I speak, it’s second hand nature to me. Something that definitely helps me get my message across is tone of voice; depending on what point I’m trying to get across or what conversation I’m having my tone will fluctuate to bring emphasis on what I’m trying to say. On top of that, eye contact, my eyebrows raising and hand movement. Good writers’ ability to make readers visualize and understand what’s going on in their story makes their writing effective and enjoyable. Writers like me can direct the book more for the reader, for example asking the reader rhetorical questions and making them a part of the dialogue to help add the emphasis and emotion speakers have. Also the use of punctuation marks; the writing should flow with full stops, commas, etc.


    Not Sure:

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