ARCH 4900 Architectural Internship

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ARCH 4900 Architectural Internship
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Architectural Technology
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ARCH 4900
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3 Credits / Meets every 2 weeks. Prerequisites: Design 4 & Building Tech 4

This elective course allows students with a course director-approved internship/job to enroll. Student assignments include a running journal of events and experiences at the workplace for class discussion, as well as opinion reviews, written and graphic reports, and a final presentation of project/s produced at the internship workplace.

Come with JOB IN HAND** for approval, working minimum 8 hours/week

Contact: Prof Kenneth Conzelmann

**For help with finding a job, see OPENLAB postings and jobs websites including HANDSHAKE:

Also, contact Prof Conzelmann directly or other Professors for possible work opportunities.

Description from College Catalog: “Assignment to field work/study situations of approximately eight to ten hours per week at one of the following: an architectural office; engineering office; interior design office; architecture, engineering or interior design branch of a municipal agency or corporate design office; construction administration or office practices branch of a construction firm, drafting position with a non-architectural firm subject to review. Each student will keep a log/journal to be shared in-group seminars. Supervision will be by faculty and by the job supervisor.”


This course was created by: Ken Conzelmann

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