ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

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  • Assignment #1: Skill & Craft
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    Jenna Spevack

    Give and receive feedback on your inked thumbnails here!

    Attach a snapshot of your “work in progress” and ask clear, specific questions about figure ground relationships (stable and ambiguous) or technique. If you post a question, please return the favor and give feedback to a colleague, as well.

    IMPORTANT: Do not upload image files larger than 800K. You may also paste an public link to an image you have uploaded to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, or other image-sharing sites.
    If you don’t know how to resize your image, please ask me:



    While doing this assignment, it took me a while. Looking outside my window task was great for my eyes and seeing what i havnet seen before. While doing my work I had to think, re read the definition,look up some examples to understand the differences between ground and ambiguous figures. From there I thought about what i should draw from the thumbnails i had. I changed some and made some imagines bigger or smaller then what it is. It took me a while, but below is how i started to work on my linked thumbnails, i know they aren’t the best, however if you guys can give me feed back i would appreciate it a lot.


    Sean Nurse

    I had a particularly hard time using the inking pen and in trying to make my backyard look ambiguous. The only way I managed to make the figures look abstract was to ignore the planes of depth I had established ad focus on just giving the outline of certain objects. I spent a lot of time with it but my technique must have been wrong because I can see all the imperfections. I hope I can get some feedback that will help me improve my work.


    Yuliya Bas

    Jessica- yours have a true minimalism style there, some of the panels are so ambiguous that they make me think of everyday objects like doors, stairs and railroad tracks . And Sean- your grids are very well connected between stable and ambiguous panels and remind me of Mondrian. I don’t want to get too psychological, oh here I go anyway, but the middle two panels seem like prison bars preventing you from getting out. I really hope you don’t feel like that.

    Okay so mine isn’t exactly a work in progress, but yeah. I definitely got confused between my ambiguous and stable panels. I admit that the middle bottom panel was the most recent viewing through my window because the moon looked really epic (and almost full?) behind clouds. I struggled with the ambiguous ones mostly because it was difficult to decide which shapes belong in the foreground and which ones go in the back, but I guess that was the point of it being ambiguous.



    Thank you Yuliya, i actually had some trouble, seeing what was stable or not. i say that on your thumbnails, you would need to eliminate some black or make some plane. as for sean i say that you must like take away items. make some stable.



    I been having a hard time trying to capture the image that I see outside my window. My view is very basic and simple that I am not sure how to really capture it and make it look interesting, but I will keep on working at it. Great site by the way.



    I just want to put this up. For me it was hard making some look ambiguous as well as using the inking pen. There isn’t much outside for me to pick out and draw, but I’d got some. However, I doubt they are as interesting as most of you guys. Awesome work on this assignment by the way, your works look good.


    This is a good project to help me focus on the details of a design. It was easy drawing the figures, but the difficult part was deciding what to leave white or color in black. Eventually I got it right! I think..

    @Yuliya I like the detail in your thumbnails!


    When i was doing my thumbnails in my sketchbook, i drew everything i saw from the window and there were lots of details stuff. Then when i started my inked thumbnails, i found out that it was hard to put all the detail in. But I think that this is a interesting assignment to work on.


    Hi guys! just wanted to know if I’m the only one who found that this project got oomphed up abit in difficulty with the putting the black pieces on the bristol! >___< It seems no matter how precise I measure what I'm doing, the pieces I wind up cutting are either too small or big, even if just by a hair! Very frustrating!


    i found this harder to do when i had to include ink within my drawing.It took sometime,but overall im content in putting a great deal of effort into this.

    i like jessica thumbnail,it makes me think outside the box and try to immitate my image after her only because it that clear,ambiguous and good,in my opinion.

    i also like mario image even though doesn’t like his thumbnail.I am still able to distinguish and see what in mario thumbnail is what.



    other then slicing the top of my nail and almost cutting my fingers i would say this paper cutting thing is not something i could do to get the lines perfect was so hard and making the out line i was lucky to have my girl friend help me out but it was no joke to get this to look right


    Jenna Spevack

    Great job everyone! Thanks to all who posted here and gave/received feedback for this assignment. Keep it going for Assignment #2. =)

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