ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

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  • Assignment #1 Research: View from my window
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    Jenna Spevack

    Add a reply to this topic that describes the view from a window in your home. Focus on describing the shapes you see and their relationship to each other. Ignore everything except what you see inside the boundaries of the window frame.

    This description should also be written in your Creative Process Book.
    See for detailed instructions.


    I finally got everything working! I know we did this in class but I figure to reply to this topic anyway to familiarize myself with the site. I actually took a better look out of my window yesterday after going home and tried to look at it in shapes like you instructed. I noticed then that view is really plain, when you think about it. Most of what I see is basically dressed up rectangles and squares, really. The rooftops I see, the houses that I catch while looking through the alleyway across from me, windows, etc… All are really boring, detailed boxes! Very monotonous to draw, but it has to be done I guess :s


    Sean Nurse

    I discovered I really had no idea what was really outside of my window. I thought there was a red staircase but really it was way off to the side and can’t be seen from any angle. I completely forgot that there is a ladder and a refrigerator in the view and the more plants than any man would ever care to draw. This really was an eye opening assignment.


    Yuliya Bas

    I always look out of my window, but never pay much attention to what I’m looking at. There’s my neighbor’s rounded metal gate, a horrific brick-gate/contraption and my house’s wooden fence. Every house has it’s own boundary where it’s boxing in cars, plants and whatnot. There’s also the irregular shape of the tree and that blocks most of my view. I also have a good view of my balcony- the metal supporting the balcony’s roof makes great negative space to view the driveway.


    I actually forgot that I had a pineapple plant right on my window, so it makes the view look fun with this layer. The safety bars on my window are both parallel and perpendicular to the outlines of everything in the background. The background consists of a brick wall and a fire escape. They both match in red/burgundy color patterns. There is also a tree on the first third of the view, as well as the actual pineapple plant. The sun directly hits the pineapple plant & parts of the tree, leading my eyes to focus on them. The tree is slanting north west, forming triangles with the safety gate. It’s also forming small diamonds with its branches and leaves. I live on the fifth floor, so I can also see the top of the building (horizontal line) and parts of the sky.



    Who knew that looking outside your window can actually make a difference on seeing things. For me this was a f first. After looking outside my very own .Window iv came across a lot but looking very closely like you have asked us to look at any patterns such as shapes, iv noticed that my whole back yard is made up of shapes lines and very creative figures. I never really noticed until yesterday that my back yard
    Straight but it’s actually slanted. I can see my neighbors trees and in back another house . I had a great time doing this .


    I live in the basement and all i have is a small little window, so i went upstairs to the second floor and look out of the window from my aunt’s room instead. I never thought that it would be so different. When i look out the window, the first thing i see is a dark green roof. It’s old and rusty. Then i see a driveway between two house. The house on the left side really catch my attention. It’s a dark red house. The white stairs are on the middle of the house and there are some fresh grass growing on both side of the stairs. It looks gorgeous.



    finally i am in on this thing okay so my window the i drew from has not change much in the years i have been around there was one big tree that i love to look at but it got sick had to be cut down but its has not change at sens 87 fist memories was the tree i like my view its nice but i wish there was more to it sometimes on a good day where the sun comes down just right it can be a very beautiful view so yaaayyyy i am on


    When looking out my window. You can’t really see much unless you really stick your head out the window. From my window you can see this tree. It has been there for many years. It used to be full of life with big green leaves, it had life. Now its dying out, the tree now is dull and grey. When you touch it, it feels hollow and peices fall off everyday. You also see The street, it’s a two way street with a little what everyone calls an “Island”. It’s full of grass and there are a couple of little trees as well. You can always see all the other beautiful houses, some which have been rebuilt.
    From the point of view i was looking at to draw my thumbnails you couldn’t see much, because of the blurred window sheets that my mother put so noone can see in from outside. The only thing you could’ve seen was the street and my mothers car. In my thumbnails you would only see a car drawn. I really wish that my mother would have never put that blurred sheet on the window. I believe that it could’ve been such a beautiful view without it.



    The view out of my window has a great view of the neighborhood. I can see the new buildings being built as the old remnants are being torn down. The view looks good when the sunsets and you can see the clock tower which is the unofficial landmark of downtown Brooklyn which represents the start of it. I am afraid though that with all this renovation eventually they will block out my great view.



    When I look through my window I see so much! I see a courtyard in the shape of a circle divided into four quarter circles by walkways. In the center of the circle there is a flagpole. I see the backsides of three buildings that guard the courtyard and its trees from the rest of the world. There are several light posts that overlook the courtyard and the tall trees surround and overlook the courtyard as well. In the view from the window, you can also see a playground that is obscured by the surrounding trees.



    Hah! I finally got Open Lab to work >__< When I look beyond my window, I see the backyard of houses. I see 2 backyards, in fact . The one on the left had a garage and both of the roofs of the garage and house are grey. The house on the right had an orange roof. the I see big trees. And I see the green fire escape and metal stairs leading up and down. And lastly I see my apartment neighbors’s windows.


    Hey i finally was able to get access to my email address,This is Rodney.

    As many times as i looked out my window,i never payed attention to the shapes and particular buildings around the area i live or monuments that stand out when i look out the window.Not because ,i am not observant but after 9/11 frequent terror threat,s occured.Terrorist threatened to blow up big buildings as well as other landmarks,so everyone who lived within the area was told not to be near the window,since the day of notice,it practically stuck with me.One land mark that stands in my sight view or vision when i look out the window is the brooklyn bridge.

    The brooklyn bridge is a square pillar that is connected horizontally with the length of 970 feet,which is being surrounded by square buildings who big enough to blind trees and make thing such as a long rectangular pathway called the fdr stand out.Other than this,there is nothing that stands out around or within the frame or view of my sight and window,


    It’s a miracle (: I finally made it on here.

    When I look out my window, everything is the same.

    There are some crickets chirping inside thick grasses and flowers of my father’s garden. They are protected by white fencing that resides beneath my windowsill, something that no one else has. Neighbors hide in brickhouses and remain in brick fencing, too old and tired to be bothered with the elegance my grandmother feels is essential.The flowers that surround a fountain had once been bursting of colors. Cool ones like purple and blue were in plentiful bushels, as they naturally grew. And the small, but beautiful and warm sunset and golden ones obsucred by people who walked by. But, unfortunately, their lives had been cut short from being overwatered by by father and now wilt into shades of autumn.

    I can see the “Bubble Gum” tree leaning to the right, filled with tender seeds. Although the leaves hide them well, I believe that it is a small ginko tree. Before Autumn ends, someone will come and baskets and brooms will be cluttered around it and a car beside it will block my father’s favorite parking space instead of my mother’s run down minivan.


    Jenna Spevack

    Fine work, all. Especially enjoyed the comments from those who really took the time to see and observe a view that they may have not really “seen” before, but that which they view every day. The purpose of this exercise is to learn how to see beyond the obvious and notice all the visual, aural (sound), and tactile (touchable) elements we come in contact with every day. Great work!

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