Short Report

Assignment#6: Short Report

In the sixth assignment all students were asked to write a letter to all upcoming college students interested in a specific major. The major I choose was the Law and Paralegal Studies in New York City College of Technology.

The benefits and opportunities are to be listed in the brief letter.

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word-Short Report

Negative Message

Assignment #4: Negative Message

In an effort to save money for an entire corporation all students were asked to write a letter to their employees and explain the cut-backs.

An inter-office memorandum will be drafted as an effort to address each and every employee of the situation and adjustments that must be made.

The following attachment is an example of a Negative Message:

word-Negative Message




Storyboard on Whiskers















Assignment #7- Storyboard: Whiskers

In this final assignment all students had the choice to free-style their own piece of work. I decided to illustrate a short story about a day in my life.

The day consists of me waking up early for work in a depressed state of mind along side my cat, Whiskers. In the elevator at my job I bump into a cute girl, Dennise. Immediately, I felt a connection with her. The whole day I can’t stop thinking about this one individual and how she sparks my emotions.

My boss ends the thrill of happiness with a stake of papers that is due today. With little time, I become overwhelmed with the work and again become sad. On my way back home I open the door to realize the one true friend that will always be looking forward to my presence, Whiskers. A smile yet again.

Persuasive Letter

Persuasive Letter: Assignment #5

In this next assignment the students were asked to write a persuasive letter to a business of our choice to grant us our wish of an internship for all our students in the Law and Paralegal department at New York City College of Technology. The letter must be first presented to the Director of Internship Opportunities, Dr. Pla Y. Doh, for a complete evaluation since you will be creating a document using her name.

Click below to reach my persuasive letter assignment.

Eportfolio #5

Informative Letter

Informative Letter- Assignment #3

This assignment requires myself to pretend to be a skilled employee in the business accounts department at Avis Budget Group (ABG), headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. I receive a note in my inbox from Senior Business Accounts Manager, Jack Heartland.

An Avis Preferred member, Davis Theopolis, submitted a complaint about ABG’s new automated self-service phone center. Usually, a customer service agent would write a letter back to Mr. Theopolis with a 10% savings voucher; however, because Mr. Theopolis is a very frequent, and passionate, customer, the complaint landed on Jack’s desk.

Jack Heartland has asked you to handle the complaint. This informative letter must address Davis Theopolis complaint in a reasonable manner. In addition, explaining the benefits of the new telephone system.

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Authority Memo

Assignment #2: Authority Memo

This assignment is based on the Tiger Oil Memo, dated on January 13, 1978. The previous owner of the Tiger Oil Company, Tiger Mike, has been recognized for his inhuman and unprofessional set of documents sent to his employees. Additionally, records show that nearly twenty percent (20) of employee expenses appear to be fraudulent.

The purpose of this Authoritative memo assignment is to re-create the Tiger Oil Memo in a sense of goodwill amongst your employees.

The memo should serve these three goals:

– Address the issue of the company in an authoritative way.

– Strategically using goodwill strategy to speak to the concerned employees.

– emplifies effective design and formatting choices for the memo.

Click the Link below to view the re-created memo:

Tiger Oil Memo

Lorem-Ipsum Letter Template

Assignment #1: Lorem-Ipsum Letter Template

The Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text used in typesetting, printing and other places where it is needed to demonstrate how some text and documents would look like. Most of it comes from a 45 BC text by Cicero.

The assignment attached below is an example of a letter template for an infamous misprint from the retail giant, Old Navy, in the year of 2011.Thousands of college athletic t-shirts have been misprinted. The scenario includes myself acting as an intern for the Vice President of Corporate Communication at Old Navy, Christine J. Simmons. I am bound to recreate a document template for the VP as soon as possible. The Old Navy Company incident can be found at “Old Navy Taken to School”, on pp. 87 & 88 of Locker & Kaczmarek.


The Lorem Ipsum Letter Example can be clicked below:

Lorem Ipsum-New



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