Informative Letter

Informative Letter- Assignment #3

This assignment requires myself to pretend to be a skilled employee in the business accounts department at Avis Budget Group (ABG), headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. I receive a note in my inbox from Senior Business Accounts Manager, Jack Heartland.

An Avis Preferred member, Davis Theopolis, submitted a complaint about ABG’s new automated self-service phone center. Usually, a customer service agent would write a letter back to Mr. Theopolis with a 10% savings voucher; however, because Mr. Theopolis is a very frequent, and passionate, customer, the complaint landed on Jack’s desk.

Jack Heartland has asked you to handle the complaint. This informative letter must address Davis Theopolis complaint in a reasonable manner. In addition, explaining the benefits of the new telephone system.

Click below to view my informative letter.




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