Lorem-Ipsum Letter Template

Assignment #1: Lorem-Ipsum Letter Template

The Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text used in typesetting, printing and other places where it is needed to demonstrate how some text and documents would look like. Most of it comes from a 45 BC text by Cicero.

The assignment attached below is an example of a letter template for an infamous misprint from the retail giant, Old Navy, in the year of 2011.Thousands of college athletic t-shirts have been misprinted. The scenario includes myself acting as an intern for the Vice President of Corporate Communication at Old Navy, Christine J. Simmons. I am bound to recreate a document template for the VP as soon as possible. The Old Navy Company incident can be found at “Old Navy Taken to School”, on pp. 87 & 88 of Locker & Kaczmarek.


The Lorem Ipsum Letter Example can be clicked below:

Lorem Ipsum-New

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