Always get permission or give credit – Ethical Reasoning Assignment

Drawing has always been my passion since I’ve learned how to write but my achilles heel is not drawing from the top of my head.  I would have to visually see something to draw.  Fast forward to the time when i first purchased an iPad Pro with an ipencil.  One of the best investments I’ve ever had!

I love to take picture, set it up as a template, add a new layer, and draw it on my iPad with a software program called procreate.  I had recently did an illustration of Zoë Kravitz eating an apple.  It’s in a Rolling Stone magazine and the photographer was Zoey Grossman.  When i finished the digital illustration i added it as a post to my instagram with just Zoë Kravitz name, not the photographer who took the picture.

In this case I failed to give the photographer credit.  Under the AIGA Use Of Photography , Authorship credit and copyright notice it states “…The photo credit and copyright notice would ideally be placed adjacent to the image, weather horizontal or vertical, but can also be placed elsewhere as long as the reader will be able to relate them to the image.”

Furthermore; It hurts me to say this because I am a patron of Spepard Fairey’s art, I feel Mr. Fairey was unethical in his actions when he tried to cover up the use of an Associated Press photograph of former president Barack Obama.  Even though the penalty seems to be lenient, it definitely hurt is reputation as an artist.  It pays to have integrity.