“So what do you want to do?”

So the semester comes to an end.  I handed in my time sheet and i then emailed the Internship evaluation to Monica Dimperio.  I agreed to stay longer and work on the company’s Instagram design.  So Monica looks over and asked me “So what do you want to do? After you are done with school?”.  I paused for a bit and said “Something in graphic design or web development”.  She just paused and said “ok”.  She then critiqued my designs and mention that I design literally and I agree with her.  I definitely need to time more time and put the max effort to be more creative when designing for clients.
It was a conversation that I need cause up to this point I wasn’t sure what field to get into.  I can see myself designing in a creative marketing field, especially one that targets today’s young adults.  I also feel that the conversation helped me to make a decision to take a marketing class in the fall.  This internship has motivated me to plan ahead and focus on future projects.