The Lams of Ludlow Street

The Lams of Ludlow Street album is something different. Usually, photos are clear very sharp and have some political point of view or telling a whole story in one image, but this set of photos does not. This set of photos i find very different than most photos i would see on the internet and on some fellow photographer’s websites. This album TLLS (The Lams of Ludlow Street) is a documentary, but the photos as you can see is almost personal as it was another family member who was tlking these photos. But each photos tells a mini story, and captures moments in their lives that is considered big moments. IN one photo he takes a monochrome photo of their slippers. I think thats important. Times we do not take a look at the smallest things in life, overlooked and only look for the bigger picture, but it is the smallest moments that makes a memory and something that will be remembered.

The composition of many of these photos are taken by a normal lens, not zoom, but with his lens he is able to capture some of the essence of the event that he wanted to capture. I also like how he starts off the album. He starts it off with his door, or just a random door. Then it goes cinematically into his life down by ludlow street. It is somewhat mysterious, becasue most of the time we are really focused in our lives and do not see what everyone else’s is. His camera to us, the audience is a spy glass into his life, to what he sees everyday and what holds precious to him.

Some of the photos he takes are personal. I feel that in doing this he is giving us a personal view and one that we can relate to like clothes being hanged to dry outside, a photo of the family tapped on to a computer and how the framing for that one particular photo goes perfectly and sets the “awe moment”.  The last photo of the album where the children are staring into one direction and then the depth of field changes the perspective of the photo also then he purposely did a nice blur in the background as well to really make the photo stand out a lot more. I really enjoy this album and i hope one day i can produce this work and make my own style.


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  1. rmichals says:

    I love this work too and it isn’t because of the formal qualities. It is because of the emotion expressed. The family lives in very tight quarters with less than many and yet we can feel their love for each other.

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