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DOF Perspective

  I got the first photo by finding the object but also looking for an angle to make the image a lot more interesting image. and it just so happens the drops have reflection of the background which gives another … Continue reading

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Motion Capture

  The way that we were able to accomplish this feet was multiple tries of just dropping the ball over and over again until finally we got the shot in which the ball was not that much lower than his … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

  We got this photo out of creativity and figuring out what we were going to do last. Out of the stroke of inspiration we came out with this. I really liked how this photo came out because the table … Continue reading

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I chose this photo because it was very dramatic. The horizontal lines really give this photo power. The shallow depth of field, is amazing as well as the subject . The contrast is amazing too also the range  of colors … Continue reading

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The Lams of Ludlow Street

The Lams of Ludlow Street album is something different. Usually, photos are clear very sharp and have some political point of view or telling a whole story in one image, but this set of photos does not. This set of … Continue reading

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I chose using this photo because I really like the depth of field. There is not too much blur to totally disco the background, nut just enough to take the attention away from the subject which is the person who … Continue reading

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