King Country Distillery

For the analysis experiential I decided to visit a distillery called Kings Country Distillery on 299 Sand St, Brooklyn, NY 11205. “Kings County was founded in 2010 and makes handmade moonshine, bourbon, and other whiskeys out of the 119-year-old Paymaster Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard” (Kings County Distillery).

King Country Distillery

King Country Distillery




King Country Distillery












To make whiskey they use corn and barley. The first thing they need to do in order to make whiskey is to cook the corn and barley with water in the mash tank for many hours. When its cooks Lia Niskanen tour program manager said “that it looks hot oatmeal”, they separate the solid from the liquid and the liquid is transfer to the another machine. She stated that the solid that is left is use for compos or for animal feed.

Tank they use in order to cook corn and barley

Tank they use in order to cook corn and barley

The color of the liquid when they take out in to be fermented is yellow because of the corn. They transfer the liquid to be fermented into the barrel  The liquid will stay there for about 3-4 days and it becomes a distiller beer and is not for drinking.

use to fermented

use to fermented

Then they will bring the beer into a still whiskey color cooper and they will still two times one still bigger and the other smaller. The beer is heated and the still bring to boiled. Lisa stated “boiled is about 200 and alcohol 173, alcohol boils first. Copper is popular material for still and are good for heat.

still whiskey

Still for whiskey  

This two stiller bellow absorb the liquid from the cooper still and the one to the right is made to produce the “heads, hearts and tails” and the distiller job is to take the heart.


One part that the small still made is the heart which is the best part, the head is to strong and tail is to watery. In order to known what part is the heart, they need to know the timing, watch volume, and how fast the distillate will come. They will do that procedure again. In order to get a moonshine they will add purified water to the head and put in a bottle.

Head from the small still

Head from the small still

Where Bourdon is made.

Where Bourbon is made.

Bourbon will go to the oak barrel. No climate control, which produces expansion and contraction in the barrel. They will use the barrel for aging only one time and send barrel to other place. Lisa said that for Irish whiskey they will use the same barrel for aging.

oak barrel

Oak barrel

Then they age the whiskey for approximately 2 years or 5 years. When the whiskey start aging the color change, the color came from the oak.


Moonshine to 2 year of aging

Bourbon left is age for about 4 years and the middle is age for 2 years. In the spirit competition, the American crafts awards in 2018 gave 4 gold metals and the two Bourbon won 2 gold metals.



The moonshine can be mix with natural ingredients with no sugar. This moonshine are used for cocktails they will not need aging.



I really recommend that you visit this place Lisa was nice explain every step clear and answer every concern that I have, I really enjoy this tour I was able to learn new things and try the moonshine and bourbon.


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Grand Wine and Liquor


The place that I went to visit is the Grand Wine and Liquor located in the 30-05 31st, Astoria. The person that help me to take a tour in the place was Robert J. Battipaglia. He was so kind and help me a lot.

wine place by region

The first thing that I notice when I enter to the place was that the wines were classify by region. By classifying the wines by regions, helps customers to identify faster and it will be easier for them when looking for a specific wine. The place was clean and it was easy to walk by. Something unique that this store have is that they sell wines that are unique and in most cases is difficult to find this type of wine in other places.

In order to have a successful store he use 4 strategies, the first one is merchandising, this means that in order to attract customer he puts high profit items. As shows in the picture below to the left this table is an example of high profit items. The second one is multiple bottle strategy, which consist on a promotion as 2 for $20 and the mix and match color label by giving the customer’s the opportunity to combine any bottle of wine with the same color of match and be able to try different varieties of wine. The third one is a loyalty programs which help customers to earn point every time they purchase a wine. The last one is quantity discount which persuades customer to buy wines in order to get a discount.

high quality table    mix match

The best selling wine in this store are from Italy – Mionetto Procsecco which is on the right, this wine is a sparkling wine which consist of a refreshing flavor of golden apple, honey and white peach. The other one is New Zealand- Oyster Bay is a mix of fruit flavors.

best selling wine

This picture below shows some example of “Shelf Talker” in the store. The entire store provide a shelf talker.  The shelf talker in this place help people to identify the name of the wine, the price of eachwine, give a brief explanation on what flavor the customer’s should expect when drinking this wines and in some shelf talker it can provide a suggestion of  foods that the wine can be combined.

shelf talker