What is GWC and Why it’s the right step for you to take?

So you’re ready to start coding? Awesome! Did you know that there are hundreds of different coding languages in the world? Each language is a little bit different and can be used for something special.

To help you get started in your exploration, a few languages are picked out that are great for being creative and are easy to start building with quickly. No matter what language you choose for your project, you’ll leave with a better understanding of the building blocks of programming. That way, if you choose to study other languages later, you’ll have a strong foundation to start from! This program could be your first step to a successful career path.

What is girls who code?

Girls Who Code program is not only a program to learn coding but turn your ideas into reality. Its a platform that’s being provided to you at no cost, so why not take advantage of it? GWC program will have clear, step-by-step sections that will help you unleash your inner computer scientist! So no need to worry about if you haven’t done anything of this sort.

Following are certain steps you would follow throughout the program:

  • Big Idea – This is where you’ll learn about the key coding concept you’ll use in this project.
  • Learn It – One of the bravest things you can do is try something new! In this section, you practice bravery by trying out a new coding concept in the language you’ve chosen.
  • Explore It – Next, you grow your creativity by experimenting with what you’ve learned so far and checking your understanding.
  • Build It – Here, you practice purpose by connecting these new concepts to the theme your Club selected for their Girls Who Code Project.
  • Share It – You then share your accomplishments to get feedback and help improve your creation.
  • What’s Next? – Finally, you can show off your resilience by previewing the content in the next part of the tutorial and challenging yourself to continue learning!

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