My name is Goodman George, and I am a Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) major with a specialization in Biology attending New York City College of Technology (NYCCT).  I’m the oldest son of immigrant parents from Nigeria, Africa who reside in the U.S.  My father is a highly-respected schoolteacher and college professor.  He attended John Jay College, holds a Ph.D. in Education and he teaches at The College of New Rochelle.  My mother is a registered nurse at a public school here in the Bronx.  She has recently decided to go back to school to earn a higher degree so she can increase her income. Since my family is of Nigerian descent and my parents stress education, I’m pursuing a career in the scientific or medical field. I have done well in my previous and current courses which has led me to the decision of majoring in the Professional and Technical Writing Dept. This field will enable me to use writing skills in conjunction with technology to get a job in the field of biological research.


When I am not in school during the summer I work as a counselor for the Summer Youth Program.  I work with children who are between the ages of elementary school to junior high.  Along with the other counselors I do various activities (crafts and games) and when outdoors we supervise the kids going across streets and making sure everyone is accounted for.

For sports I enjoy playing volleyball, especially in a wide open venue in one-on-one or group versus group competition. During my years in high school I often played in the gym and on the court we liked to spike the ball at such a velocity it sounded like explosive gunfire. For a short time I also ran track and field both outside and indoors for training. The runners constantly pushed themselves ceaselessly, one time during a routine warm-up exercise one of them accidentally dropped a medicine ball on my face while I doing sit-ups on the floor. It was really painful, I actually exclaimed the word OUCH! which made everyone within earshot turn their heads toward me and gasp with surprise.

I’m also one who likes throwing long-distance, preferably a small projectile like a tennis ball.

My passion lies in the Japanese style of animation or anime as it is colloquially called. I always keep an eye out for the latest series to be released and reading manga published with it. Each season of the year a new wave of anime makes the top of the list and I’m never one to miss anything that is in-season. Currently I’m watching favorites that came out this Fall 2018 like Goblin Slayer!, Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season Two, The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, SSSS.Gridman, Zombie Land Saga, Karakuri Circus, Ace Attorney Season Two and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part Five: The Golden Wind, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and One Piece: Two Years Later. One could very well question me on anything related to the anime fandom and I’ll quickly answer without a moment’s hesitation.