ENG1710 Intro to Language and Technology, FA2017

In the Fall term of 2017 I enrolled the ENG1710Ā course with Professor Ellis located in the Voorhes Building a short walk’s away from the main campus of City Tech.Ā In this rewarding and challenging introductory class, we endeavored to understand the deep and complex relationship between human language and human technology. You appliedĀ your insights and discoveries to a major research project focused on a single form of technology-mediated communication. What you learnedĀ had important significance to a successful career in technical communication. Needless to say from the brief course description in the syllabus, this was a prerequisite and a highly recommended course for someone in a technology-based or writing-intensive major. I jumped at the chance when I learned this not only prepared students for the field of technical communication but also to acquire knowledge of how the functions of society are directly connected to the history of technological progress and evolutionary innovation.