Since I became a City Tech student in the Fall of 2014 most of my studies focused on scientific courses. The first to go were BIO 1101 lab and lecture hybrids, then came Human Anatomy and Physiology II BIO 2312 in Spring 2015, Microbiology BIO 3302 and so on. College students are to complete an assigned set of courses over a four-year period. What they learn gets carried onto the next semester’s curriculum. As is the case with most who reach their second year I was faced with the important decision of what to put down as my major for undergraduate education and to receive my Bachelor’s degree. Until then it was all introductory classes, the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences came down hard asking what field did I intend to dedicate myself to. When it came down to it I took the Dean’s advice and went with Professional and Technical Writing or PTW for short. Of course I had to take to the prerequisites before I could obtain the degree, but there was opportunity to take classes on the side that would continue to broaden my knowledge further. These fields included Elements of Sociology SOC 1101, Public Speaking COM 1330, History of Technology HIS 3209, and History of Western Civilization HIS 1101. By the time I came to this I had already completed enough courses to establish my Specialization as Biology. When I graduated I’ll probably take my technical communication skills into a workplace centered around medical practice or biological science like a research institute or perhaps hired by a manufacturing company in scientific equipment production.