Communication is the number one skill employers look for in potential employees. This course is geared towards gaining an edge in your career through a better understanding of communication, especially for work. Professor Lee wished to help build our confidence and hope.


The goal of this course was to develop your professional communication skills and knowledge. We created cover letters and resumes that stand out from the crowd, simulate successful interviews, and give professional multimedia presentations.  The professor wanted to help us get a competitive edge for a sustainable, satisfying work life.


One of the primary goals of this class is for you to organize your thoughts and present them clearly. The impromptu speeches will give you the best opportunity to think on your feet and recognize the importance of a well-organized message. They will also give you the opportunity to become more comfortable speaking in front of your peers. You will be given about two or three.
three minutes to present your speech on a topic of the Professor’s choosing, with only minimal preparation. Impromptu Speeches are not scheduled, so it is important that you are present during each class.


The best way to get better at communication is by doing it. Many college courses involve passively receiving information from lectures and the text book, then restating them on an exam for a grade. This class involves that, but more. Namely, you will be making presentations and actively participating in class discussions and role-playing exercises. Shy and reticent students
will be gently but firmly nudged outside of their comfort zone to become more vocal in class and groups.

COM3401 Final Presentation Assignment