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13 – LAST 2 Weeks

Congrats to everyone who presented their concepts for their project(s) in class. Great work. As we discussed, here are the needs for the last 2 classes.

w14 – USe in-class time to discuss and update final deliverables for your main project, Project 01 and work on revisions/case studies.

w14.5 – Reading Day, is the final due date for your Senior Project Proposal.

w15Showcase Pjt 01 revisions/ case studies and submit final process books!

Senior Project Proposal (Prjt 02) is Due, on Dec 14th at 11:59 pm. Use the creative brief example below.

Senior Project Proposal: (should be 2-3 pages)

  • Topic Overview (Problem Background)
  • Category/ Industry Overview
  • Audience /Persona
  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Deliverables (what are you planning to create based on your skills and creative career path)
  • Timeline
  • Resource, References, data
  • Inspiration

Project #02 Submission

Use the link to a form to submit your Senior Project proposal or Portfolio Upload

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