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Glossary entry #4 : Unherald


Unherlald: No sign that something will happen

We came across this word during the reading of Colson Whitehead’s ” City Limits” in class. Due to the fact that I was not familiar with the word, I was stuck on what the sentence was trying to convey. The sentence states, ” The are unheralded tipping points, a certain number of times that we will unlock the front door of an apartment. There were also no major context clues that would give me an idea of what the word meant. After I found out the dictionary meaning of the word, the sentence became a lot clearer to me. The paragraph conveys the concept that at times we can never get a proper goodbye at some things because we don’t get a warning that this is the last time we will use, see or experience it. This vocabulary word shows that there is no significant foreshadowing to give us a hint that something is about to change.

Glossary entry#3: Impediments


Impediments– Something that makes it difficult to do or complete something: Something that interferes with movement or progress.

I encountered this word while reading Colson Whitehead’s, “City Limits”. In this particular sentence, it states ” It saw you steeling yourself for the job interview, slowly walking home after the late date, tripping over nonexistent  impediments on the sidewalk”. Now that I understand what the meaning of the word is, it allows me to understand the concept of the sentence. As a result I was even able to imagine someone tripping over something that isn’t really there. This shows me that having the knowledge of one word can changed the way you see the entire sentence.


Clairvoyance- entry 2


Clairvoyance (noun)- the power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the senses; ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception

This word depicts a person analyzing something (In this case a work of art) in a deeper perspective. The have to look past the obvious and take a minute to read in between the lines. I encountered this particular vocabulary word in the text ” Ways of seeing” by John Berger, as well as the short video we viewed in class. I don’t believe we have yet to come across this word, however it will make things much easier in understanding what is being said.

Glossary entry #1

Source: Merriam (Dictionary)

Gilt– having a golden color

Skeptical– having or expressing doubt about something

Integral– very important or necessary

Icon– Small picture on computer; person who is widely admired; known symbol

Converge– moving toward one point coming together

Reproduction (noun)- process of making babies;act of copying something

Distort– to change natural, normal, original shape or appearance

Facsimile– an exact copy

Authenticity– real or genuine

Pedigree– impressive history of the family members

Perspex– used for a kind of plastic

Relic– something from a past time

Shrine– a place connected with a holy figure or an event where people worship\

Awe– a strong feeling of fear or wonder

Allegorical– of or relating to; having the characteristics of; having spiritual meaning

Metamorphosis– a major change in the appearance of someone or something

Callousness-not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other people

Devotional– elating to or used in religious services

Landscape painting– depiction of art in its natural scenery

Sprightlymarked by a gay lightness and vivacity; having a distinctively piquant taste

Somber– very sad or serious

Manipulate– to move or control with your hands or a machine;  to use or change in a particular way for a particular purpose

Jostling– to come in contact or into collision; to exist in close proximity

Ambiguous– able to be understood in more than one way; having more than one possible meaning; not expressed or understood clearly

Inhibit– to prevent someone from doing what he or she wants to do; to prevent or slow down the activity or occurrence of

Mystification(mystify)-  to make mysterious or obscure

Alms– money, clothes, food, and other things given to poor people

Destitute– Lacking something that is need or desirable; lacking possessions or resources

Peat partially carbonized vegetable tissue formed by partial decomposition in water of various plants

Disparaging– to describe someone or something as unimportant, weak, or bad

Unwavering– Steady or resolute

Clairvoyancethe power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the senses, ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception

The vocabulary list in this weeks glossary has further guided my understanding of the text that I have read, as well as the short film we viewed in class. Although I am already familiar with a portion of the words, the ones that are more difficult were a great help once I understood them and how they are used in the text. For example, the word “peat” which was mentioned in class had confused me at first. When I came by it in the text, I was unable to figure out what it means even when I used context clues. Obviously now that I have an understanding of this new vocabulary, I can see the text from a better perspective.