Article Analysis

I read the New York Times article, ” Alan Peckolick, a Leading Logo Designer, Dies at 76″. This article goes into quick details about Alan Peckolick’s extraordinary career in graphic design. Alan Peckolick started off as art school major that kept getting kicked out for his inability to draw. Then became a graphic designer who found a love for typography. His typography influenced tons of adversing agencies. The article also talks beliefly about his interest in painting at the end of his life. Started painting professionally a few years after having Parkinson disease.

I thought the article was very detailed into the life and accomplishments of Alan Peckolick career. I really enjoyed his take on typography and how the look of a typeface really matters in a graphic/logo. I also didn’t know he made the famous GM logo. Overall I thought the article was really good in informing me about Alan Peckolick’s career in graphic design.