Plagiarism is becoming a bigger and bigger problem on campuses (including ours!) We’re not talking here about people accidentally misquoting or forgetting to cite, but we’re talking about people purposefully stealing words and ideas from peers or from the Internet (or from sites like Course Hero or other similar sites) and pretending YOU wrote them.

Purposeful plagiarism can result in failure or even expulsion! In the workplace, you can lose your job. It’s also a real waste of time, money and your whole education. People often plagiarize out of fear or stress, because they feel they will fail the assignment or they’re not good enough. But there is honestly no surer way to fail than to copy and paste someone else’s words. You are much better off writing your own– I promise! And that way, you can get better. Also, the professor will find out eventually. Remember: if you found text to plagiarize, your instructor will find it too.