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Content, Vocabulary, and Grammar Exam

Directions: Click this link: writing-exam and download the exam to your computer. Then, you can type your answers right on the page. (If you are using Microsoft Word, you might have to click “enable editing” at the top before you can begin.)

Email your test to me at The subject of the email should be your name and Unit Exam. For example, mine would say “Kelsey Fox Unit Exam.” Also put your name at the top of the exam.

This is an open-book test. You may use any resources at your disposal, but your answers must be your own, not copied from another student or source.

You have until 4:00 pm today to email this exam to me. If you turn it in after this time, it will be considered late and will not receive full credit.

Overview of Work Over the Break

During our break from class, you will have two assignments. One will be to write an expository essay and peer edit a partner’s work. A post with the prompts and a digital copy of the peer editing sheet will be posted here on Friday, October 7th.

Additionally, you will have an open-book exam to complete during class time on Thursday, October 13th. You will need to visit our OpenLab class site at 2:00 that afternoon and download the test. (It will not be available before that time.) Complete it and turn it in before the end of class that day (4:00 pm) to receive full credit.

Please pay close attention to the CityTech Academic Calendar in the coming weeks, as classes are not being held on some days while other times the schedules are changed, and it is your responsibility to know where you need to be on which day.

Unit 2: Reading 1 Homework

Finish reading the text we began in class and answer the questions in the Details section of page 38. Be prepared to discuss the reading in class on Thursday.

Narrative Essay Homework

Today in class we read “Thank You, Ma’am,” by Langston Hughes. After reading this story, think a bit about how it connects to what we’ve been reading about kindness and empathy and mirror neurons in our book. Consider all these things while deciding what to write in your narrative essay.

You must choose one of the below prompts to write on. You will write a narrative essay with an introduction (including a thesis), body (story), and conclusion (reflection). It must be typed. Refer to the “How to Type an Essay” worksheet if you’re not sure how to format a typed essay.

You will not write a second draft of this paper, so work very hard to improve on the issues you met in your previous essay and consult your error log so you do not repeat the same mistakes as frequently.

Here are the three prompts you may choose from:

How can paying kindness forward make a difference in the world? Write about a time someone’s kindness made a big difference in your life and how that experience helps you answer the above question.


Do we have a responsibility to be kind? We’ve discussed mirror neurons and empathy and what a difference simple acts of kindness can make. Does that mean we have a responsibility to be kind, biologically or culturally? Tell a story that helps you answer the above questions.


Why is helping people in small ways important? What was something kind you did recently that made a difference in some way? How does that experience help you answer the above question?

This essay is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

NOTE: I apologize again for the mix-up with the books. Please refer to the below post and be sure you have the correct grammar book for class next week.


You should buy Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4th ed., workbook, by Betty S. Azar, Rachel Spach Koch, and Stacy A. Hagen

The ISBN is: 978-0-13-241543-9


I apologize for this change. It is out of my control. This book is available in the book store. Please have it by next Thursday.