Essay Prompts + Peer Editing Wksht

Choose to write an expository essay on one of these prompts:

This should be an expository essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion following the style we learned in class, and it should be typed. Your peer editing sheet may be typed or handwritten.


It has been said “not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Do you think learning from books (such as learning in school) or learning from experience (as in learning in the “real world”) is more important? Why?

Do you think it is better to work at a job that makes you happy, even if it does not pay much, or do you think it is better to work a job that you may not enjoy but makes you rich? What are the reasons you think this way?

Some people think young people should contribute something to society before they have the right to join it. They feel that young people should be legally required to do some form of military service if they are able to. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your opinion.

Click here to download the peer editing worksheet: peer-editing-checklist

Once you finish your essay, meet with your partner or email them a copy. You and your partner will each fill out the Peer Editing Checklist for each other’s paper. Once you finish your checklists, exchange them and review them. After reading your partner’s checklist, review your paper and make any changes you see fit, keeping their guidance in mind. (You are not required to make all the changes they suggest.)

A printed, hard copy of your paper is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, October 18thwith your partner’s peer editing checklist attached.

To be clear, you will turn in your own paper with the peer editing checklist your partner filled out for you attached.

If your partner does not complete a peer editing checklist for you, you will not be penalized. Hold on to a copy of the checklist you send your partner just in case.

NOTE: Bring your text book and grammar book to class on Tuesday, October 18th.

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