Overview of Work Over the Break

During our break from class, you will have two assignments. One will be to write an expository essay and peer edit a partner’s work. A post with the prompts and a digital copy of the peer editing sheet will be posted here on Friday, October 7th.

Additionally, you will have an open-book exam to complete during class time on Thursday, October 13th. You will need to visit our OpenLab class site at 2:00 that afternoon and download the test. (It will not be available before that time.) Complete it and turn it in before the end of class that day (4:00 pm) to receive full credit.

Please pay close attention to the CityTech Academic Calendar in the coming weeks, as classes are not being held on some days while other times the schedules are changed, and it is your responsibility to know where you need to be on which day.

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