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  • Three Questions About Our Course Syllabus
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    Kon Manevich

    Response to amana:
    1) I’m pretty sure that according to the syllabus there will be 2 major essays/projects.

    3) I think exam will be questions based. Midterm for sure.

    By the way, I’m not sure whether we were suppose to reply to each person directly or post our responses in this topic.

    Response to Lisa:
    2) If youre interested in sci-fi type of novels I recommend ‘Bill, the Galactic Hero’ series by Harry Harrison. Its a pretty good satire about war, though latter books get a bit weird.

    3) I would suggest using a notebook as a journal for aesthetic purposes (since that’s how people did it for the longest time, and it still is the most popular way to do it). Though I feel like typing up your journal will be faster.

    Response to V.YU:
    3) According to class syllabus there are presentations on December 10/12. Though I don’t remember any discussions about it in class.



    Questions :
    1) Is there any minimum for how much we have to write in the Novel Reading journal?
    2) Any good recommendations in regards to the American Novel we have to read?
    3) How far in advance will we know about the due dates of the essays?



    Response to Laah022708 : As far as writing goes I believe there are going to 2 main essays but besides that we will be drafting essays in class

    Response to Amna : There are going to be 2 main essays ; the Textual analysis essay and the final project

    Response to Armand : I think one of the books you can use in addition is the one that you’ll be using for your Novel Reading Journal, any American novel.



    1. I like reading Japanese poetry. But I don’t know a lot about American poetry.
    Does anyone know good poem?
    2. What should we work on the final project? A professor will give us the subject?
    3. We mainly discuss something on this open lab?



    Response to Hafsa: The due dates are on the last page of the syllabus. The first one is October 3 and the second one is October 31.

    Response to Ami: I believe the professor will give us a subject. She will probably discuss it later in the semester when we’re close to doing it.



    1. What specifically is an English/writing handbook?
    2. How active will we be on the open lab website?
    3. i know we went through this in class but how long should the journal entries be ?



    Response to Gustavo M:

    1) will the reading novel be typed or will we have to write it on paper?
    id type it to be safe.
    2) which American novels are good to read?
    any Dan Brown novels are recommended
    3) is the final project going to be in groups; if so how will the groups be chosen?
    I’m pretty sure in due time the Professor will go over it in specific detail.


    Juan Losada

    1- I’m relatively new to the Fiction genre, can anybody recommend a good book for starters?
    2- are you going to recommend some American novels for us to pick?
    3- Are the midterm or final exam going to be about a specific novel/short story? or not so specific .


    Questions :
    1] What is the final project based on?
    2] Do we need to have a separate journal or can we write it in our notes?
    3] Does it have to be a fiction novel?



    1) We will need to bring in the Writing handbook and dictionary every day?
    2) When should we start the Novel Reading Journal?
    3) What will presentations be about exactly?



    Response to Hafsa009:
    1) I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully the limit is not strict.
    2) I’d say it depends which way you want to go. You can always be safe and choose the popular ones like The Great Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn, or search for a list based on the subgenre you like.
    3) Probably a month+

    Response to Ami:
    1. What type of Japanese poetry do you like anyway, Ami? Sad, romantic, stoic, aggressive. You can try some of these:
    2. We will probably be able to pick the subject. Unlike the first essay which says Textual Analysis, the final project seems open-ended.
    3. Yes, tacos…and friendly classroom for social interaction.

    Response to Christina:
    1] Probably an analysis of a text just like the first essay, but I hope of one we get to choose.
    2] Probably separate so that the professor can take a look at how we evaluated the novel we were writing about.
    3] I think so, hence the course lol


    Ronald L

    1)Final project and presentations, what will it be based on?
    2)How long does the novel reading journal entries have to be?
    3)Can our midterm/final exam be based on our novel from the journal?



    My 3 Questions :

    1) Will we be bringing the book with us to class everyday?

    2)Do you think Professor Rogers will be checking the Novel journals each class?

    3)Will there be quizzes based on the readings?



    Reply to Hafsa009
    1) Is there any minimum for how much we have to write in the Novel Reading journal?
    -I believe it she mentioned it should be about a page long.

    2) Any good recommendations in regards to the American Novel we have to read?
    -I like John Sandford so far. He deals with mystery and crime.

    3) How far in advance will we know about the due dates of the essays?
    -It’s on the syllabus, the last page.


    1) Are we reading any full books or are we reading only short stories?

    2)What will our essay be on? Is it a short story well read or based on our novel we read independently?

    3) For the weekly course scheduale does that mean were not going to follow the syllabus fully or there add ons?

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