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  • Three Questions About Our Course Syllabus
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    1) I think we need to bring in the dictionary everyday but not the journal.
    2) she said not to worry about the journal yet that will be later in the semester.
    3) I think well find out about the presentations later in the semester.

    1)The final project i think well find out later
    2)We do need a seprate journal she said we should get a black marbel notebook
    3)I think it does have to be fiction

    1) Our english book is seperate then our journal book.
    2)I think our open lab will be used for most our assignments.
    3) I think its a page for each entry.



    1. as far as getting the english handbook, what is it it and what is it used for anyway?

    2. with the fiction book of our choosing, is there any specific to what we can use such as length of the book?

    3. what is a textual analysis essay? i only ask this since i’ve never actually written one.



    Question 1:
    Can you further explain the criteria for our reading journals. When we write down our thoughts about the novel we chose, dose it have to be formal writing?
    Question 2:
    What will be the subject matter of our mid term and final exam and how will they be formatted?
    Question 3:
    Will there be additional essay assignments other than the two formal essay assignments?



    I registred late for this class so i havent had the chance to read the syllabus thorougly but just some generally concerns

    1. Are the grades, based on how we participtaed in open lab?

    2. The text required for the class, Is it compusory that we buy the book? Are we going to use it for every class?

    3. What is a textual analysis essyay? I have never done one and i dont know how to go about writing one.



    My questions about the syllabus:

    1. Is participating in the open lab a big part of our grade?

    2. Are the journals for our novel going to be collected and graded?

    3. Where can we get one of the required texts which is, “What is writing? A Brief Introduction to Writing as an Act of Communication”, by, Rodgers, Johannah?



    Michal K.

    1. I think that the English handbook is just a separate book to take notes in, though I’m not sure.
    2. I remember the professor saying that it does not matter the length, it just has to be a novel written by an American author.
    3. A textual analysis essay is an essay in which you respond to a text that you’ve read.


    1. I don’t think our grades are ONLY going to be based on the open lab.
    2. We do have to buy it because we’ve been using it almost every time.
    3. A textual analysis essay is an essay in which you respond to a text that you’ve read.


    1. The professor said we can do it any way we want.
    2. Prof. Rodgers will explain when that time comes.
    3. I guess the prof. will tell us when the time comes as well.

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