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  • Three Questions About Our Course Syllabus
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    johannah rodgers

    Please post three SPECIFIC questions that you have about our course syllabus on our Discussion Board. After posting these questions, please respond to the questions that three or more of your classmates have posted.



    1. Does anyone know of any good book that I can read for the journal entries. I like books that have to deal with death, murder, addiction, sex scandals, mystery etc. Anyone know a good one that will get me reading… lol

    2. Will the Student Presentations be on the group work?

    3. How will the students be put into groups?



    1. I think that “the Valley of Dolls” would be a great selection for you if you are looking for a good journal entry. Maybe, even the Sara Shepard novel series, ” the Pretty Little Liars” since it has mystery, but its also very young and fresh.
    2. I had no idea we were having student presentations and if so, who was to buddy up with me? :) (You know the early bird catches the early worm, preferably ladies though. lol)
    3. She might distribute certain numbers from 1 to 5, or an even dividend to divide the groups evenly, to randomly select out of a bag to pair up into groups of two or threes base off of our random selection. So, twos will pair p with twos, and threes would pair up with threes, and so on, etc.



    oops typo..*up



    1. For the reading journal, do we actually have to get a notebook for it or can we just type it up and print it out?
    2. What will the final project be like?
    3. Are there any presentations in this class?



    I read the first 5 books of the Pretty Little Liars series, but never finished reading it because the show came out and there were too many books. I think at first there were 8 and this year they released 2 more. I think they are pretty good books, but really targeted towards teens.

    Are there any other good mysteries someone can recommend?



    1. How many reading and writing assignments will there be?
    2. Would someone recommend some good novels.
    3. Should the novel reading journal be typed or a notebook is fine?



    1. i didn’t know the show Pretty little liars had a book series also. i watched the show over the summer and it really really good. i might read the book soon now…..
    2. i think we may have to present some of the reading and writing assignments.
    3.Mystery novels are good but i feel like sometimes it gets annoying when they give a piece of clue and you think its going to answer the big question but its actually the lead to another little one….


    I apologize for accidentally posting my three questions on my blog. Anyway, here are my three questions about our course syllabus:
    1. Will students ever discuss their journal entries that are based off the American novel they read during class?

    2. Will Open Lab be used for the majority of our course workload, or will it rarely be used?

    3. Are we going to use the textbooks for everyday use during class, or just for homework?

    You may answer my questions at any given time, and answers are much appreciated. Thank you.


    Response to Sabrina:
    1. I’m not too sure as to whether this is an American novel, but I once read this intriguing novel called “The House on Mango Street”, by Sandra Cisneros. I remember the novel being about a Puerto Rican family residing in an impoverished area in Chicago. The protagonist is about a young teenage girl named Esperanza, and she describes her rough life on the streets of Chicago, and how her family life has impacted her in contrast with the impact her friends had made on her while growing up her rough neighborhood. This novel was published in 1984.


    Gustavo M

    1) will the reading novel be typed or will we have to write it on paper?
    2) which American novels are good to read?
    3) is the final project going to be in groups; if so how will the groups be chosen?


    Gustavo M

    Respond to Armand
    1) I think it might be a good idea for us to discuss our ideas or questions we might have with the novel we read because if someone else has read it or is reading they can facilitate different opinions that they have about the novel so that they can have a better understanding of what they are reading or maybe be more interested in reading it more, plus they can answer any question they might have about it.


    Gustavo M

    Respond to Sabrina
    3) if/when we get put into groups it should be through lottery. That way students get a chance to meet different people and communicate with them in a different perspective.



    1.) How many eassys will be there?
    2.) Do we need a seperate note book for novel reading journal?
    3.) Do we have to write an essay in midterm and final exam?


    Kon Manevich

    3 questions about syllabus:

    1) It said that we will be using other books/different texts in addition to the ones listed on syllabus. Is there a way to know what they’ll be or can we suggest a genre?

    2) How much does grammar/punctuation come into play when grading is concerned? Are essays based more on content or is grammar equally important?

    3) Not so much syllabus question but it’s related to openlab. Can we somehow filter the messages from being sent to our emails. I got about 30 new notifications in my email box just after one day of being registered in openlab.

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