Culinary Tourism: First Field Trip

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  • Culinary Tourism: First Field Trip
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    Michael Krondl

    Please post your comments here on the food locations we’ve visited. Be specific.



    I thought the Chelsea Market was awesome. I thought all the food vendors looked unique and delicious. I really enjoyed the sushi we got to taste, and I think that store overall was great. I am definitely going to make another trip back there sometime in the near future.


    Lu Lin

    I have walked by Chelsea Market many times but never had the chance to go and explore it. This place has an interesting history and now many stores to visit and shop. Visiting and observing the butchers of a pig at the meat shop was very interesting.



    My experience going to the Chelsea market was phenomenal. It was my first time going and i was amazed how many interesting stores and restaurants there were and also the backround of the building Chelsea Market, that was once a cookie factory. My favorite part was when we all got to eat sushi and when i had lunch at a taco mexican spot whwere we were able to make our own taco, i also ahd a cupcake as well . I am looking forward to going again to do some shopping and visit many other bakery shops and also have dinner and slowly try out different foods.


    Guzman Kiara

    My overall experience at the Chelsea Market was amazing, I had such a great time. It was my first time stepping foot into the Chelsea Market and its history was surprising to me, I had no idea that that place had so much history to it and that live shows were hosted up at the top floor levels. What I really enjoyed was being able to see right through the glass of Amy’s Bread and seeing the baker prepare bread because it reminded me of my baking classes at City Tech. I found the meat shop to be fascinating because I never new that any of that existed here in NYC. And I enjoyed eating at a taco place in there after the tour was over, there tacos were delicious. I would look forward to visiting the Chelsea Market once again.


    Brianna Mahoney

    My experience of Chelsea market was awesome. This is not my first time visiting this site and it definitely will not be my last. Chelsea market is an amazing place I am glad we got to visit different stores and learn about the history behind each one. My favorite place that we visited was Sarabeths, which is where we tried the Rugelach Pastry. It was my first time trying it and I found it to be very delicious. I also enjoyed the sushi, for the first time I tried raw sushi and it was surprisingly good. My overall experience was amazing.


    Joyce Chan

    This is my first time visiting chelsea market and I loved everything about it. There were many restaurants that I would love to try especially the The Lobster Place. I love seafood and sushi. The best part of that place is that you order it, they make it, and you eat it right away. The seafood is freshly served! I can’t wait to try this place when I have time.



    I have never been to Chelsea market before and every time I hear the name the first thing that comes to mind was that this place was an outside vendor market. But when coming to this place for the first time and seeing the outside of it, it was nothing spectacular but the inside of it was pretty nice I would say. It was quite interesting seeing the varieties of different stores like the bakery, restaurants and the butcher shop. It was also nice to try some of the sample food and learning about the places at the same time. it was also nice to know the Chelsea Market is large enough to hold channel stations like food network. I would definitely like to return again and explore more within the market and try other foods there.


    Eleana Velez

    It was my first time going to the Chelsea Market, and the experience I had over there was awesome. The place that got most my attention was Dickson’s Farmstand Meats. I was so astonished when I saw the butcher taking out the bone of a pig’s leg in just few cuts. I guess like five cuts. It came to my mind memories about my culinary class. Even though the chicken was small, it took me a lot of time butchering it. That is why I was mesmerized watching this guy cutting this big piece of meat in just few steps. Another thing that caught my attention was that the general manager was also cutting the meat. Usually managers are monitoring theirs employees’ tasks. Lastly, it was my first time eating sushi. I tried the one filled with vegetables, and I really liked. It became another type of food that went into my favorite dishes list. Then, I was wrong thinking that Sushi was only about raw fish.



    This was not my first time visiting Chelsea market but I was surprised to see so many changes since my last visit. The market has organic and healthy food shops, restaurant and bakery. The tour was fun and was interesting to learn the history of the market from a biscuit factory to the inside market it is today. It was an interesting experience watching how easy the butchers in Dickson’s Farmstand Meat shop cut the meat into pieces and listening to the way you can make pork rinds. Amy’s bread was a treat because we got to see a baker punching and kneading the dough while Noura was describing the process of bread making and the history of Amy’s bread.



    This was my first time visiting The Chelsea Market and I enjoyed it! I used to work in the Chelsea area and never stopped by the market. The history behind the building itself is quite interesting. I never knew it was where the nabisco factory resided. We tried sushi, it was pretty tasty, Ive had before. One item I hadn’t tried before was the jewish pastry treat and I loved it. Also after the trip was over I got a chance to try the taco bar in the market. I got the steak taco and it was very delicious, they had many different toppings and sauces to add onto the taco. I will definitely be taking another trip down to the market.

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