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Journal #11: App Review

I’m really into photography, video, and graphic design. In order to get news related to these fields I use an RSS Feeder which pulls information from any news source, website, or blog that I want and feeds them all into one app for me. It’s like news curated website for Muhammad Floyd. I use Feedly. It’s free and easy to use. Theres a desktop version, website version, and an app for iOS and Android.

Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot of the Feedly app showing what I subscribe to Screenshot of the Feedly app showing what I subscribe to

Journal 7 Networking Event 2

I am part of the Art and Design Club. They host different events such as Meet The Pros. This month at the MTP the club brought in a panel of 3 women from Droga 5. Besides them designers talking about their work, at the end we were able to personally ask them questions and have a chance to talk to them one on one. I am not in the photo because I took the photo.

group photo of the Droga 5 Panel and the art and design club members

Journal 5: What I’ve learned so far part 3

This post pertains to my other internship at Harold Hunter Foundation. Recently at my internship at Harold Hunter Foundation I learned what its like to work with producing content for publication company. The other filmer interns and I worked closely with Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and Adidas Skateboarding. We filmed during the Harold Hunter Day event. Which is one of the biggest skateboarding events in NYC that happens annually. I’m use to working on projects that take time to complete even if theyre videos of an event. While working with these brands I realized how important it is to put out content of a big event first! We had to film, go through the footage, edit and go back and forth with the brands on the final videos all by the next day. Here is the video for Adidas which is a recap of an entire weekend of skate events:

Here is the video of the event for the last day of the weekend:

Harold Hunter Day XI Skate Jam

Journal 5: What I’ve learned so far part 2

My job as graphic designer at Alexapath started with picking up where other people have left off. I am an college student intern and I’m picking up the slack of a hired graphic designer. (I am not talking about the intern before me). I had to create a new style guide (the old one was not really useful). There were a lot of unorganisation of the graphic files as well. Due to the unogranization there were a few files missing such as logos for their products. I used their website to recreate a vector file of it. This has taught me that even if a company hires a graphic designer, doesnt mean the job will get done correctly. Makes me feel that I am ready for the real world after college

Journal 5: What I’ve learned so far part 1

So far I haven’t learned anything new but I’ve been applying my learned skills from classes, previous internships, and extra curricular activities. My first task was taking their current brochure:

indesign grid of original brochure

Front and back of trifold brochure Inside of trifold brochure

[insert photo of printed version]

Lou told me the printing issues were that colors didnt print correctly, and it didnt print to bleed. I carefully looked at the print and also noticed some hierarchy issues as well the mentioned issues above. I used my knowledge in photography and printing to fix the colors of the images and the resolution. I also showed them how to print to bleed. Then I pointed out that the printer that they use is good for making copies of things and making simple prints but printing out high quality consistent brochure prints, its not good for that. So I pointed them to possible money saving solutions for printing. I also made sure my indesign file was very organized to make sure anyone who opens it can easily understand what goes where and why.

Here is my version:

my version of indesign file of brochure



Journal 4: My journey before getting an internship

It took me a really long time to find an internship. I started applying for internships over the winter break before the Spring 18 semester even started. I applied by applying to offers on,, craigslist and other internship websites. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting any responses. I also started sending my resume, cover letter and online portfolio to design studios through NYC as well. I found a extensive list of the studios on this website I received one email response but they never emailed me back. I started asking my friends who’ve had internship class before on how they got an internship and if they knew a place hiring. I also asked people through FB to point me in the right direction. It wasnt till someone put in a good word for me at their previous internship that I got an internship and also the position as graphic designer at Alexapath.

I already had a previous internship before the class started  but they dont opperate much during the school year. Mostly during the summer so I wanted to make sure I got one to fill in the gaps so I could make up my hours. I intern at Harold Hunter Foundation. There I am the Communications Manager.