Journal 5: What I’ve learned so far part 1

So far I haven’t learned anything new but I’ve been applying my learned skills from classes, previous internships, and extra curricular activities. My first task was taking their current brochure:

indesign grid of original brochure

Front and back of trifold brochure Inside of trifold brochure

[insert photo of printed version]

Lou told me the printing issues were that colors didnt print correctly, and it didnt print to bleed. I carefully looked at the print and also noticed some hierarchy issues as well the mentioned issues above. I used my knowledge in photography and printing to fix the colors of the images and the resolution. I also showed them how to print to bleed. Then I pointed out that the printer that they use is good for making copies of things and making simple prints but printing out high quality consistent brochure prints, its not good for that. So I pointed them to possible money saving solutions for printing. I also made sure my indesign file was very organized to make sure anyone who opens it can easily understand what goes where and why.

Here is my version:

my version of indesign file of brochure



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