Journal 4: My journey before getting an internship

It took me a really long time to find an internship. I started applying for internships over the winter break before the Spring 18 semester even started. I applied by applying to offers on,, craigslist and other internship websites. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting any responses. I also started sending my resume, cover letter and online portfolio to design studios through NYC as well. I found a extensive list of the studios on this website I received one email response but they never emailed me back. I started asking my friends who’ve had internship class before on how they got an internship and if they knew a place hiring. I also asked people through FB to point me in the right direction. It wasnt till someone put in a good word for me at their previous internship that I got an internship and also the position as graphic designer at Alexapath.

I already had a previous internship before the class started  but they dont opperate much during the school year. Mostly during the summer so I wanted to make sure I got one to fill in the gaps so I could make up my hours. I intern at Harold Hunter Foundation. There I am the Communications Manager.

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