Journal 5: What I’ve learned so far part 3

This post pertains to my other internship at Harold Hunter Foundation. Recently at my internship at Harold Hunter Foundation I learned what its like to work with producing content for publication company. The other filmer interns and I worked closely with Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and Adidas Skateboarding. We filmed during the Harold Hunter Day event. Which is one of the biggest skateboarding events in NYC that happens annually. I’m use to working on projects that take time to complete even if theyre videos of an event. While working with these brands I realized how important it is to put out content of a big event first! We had to film, go through the footage, edit and go back and forth with the brands on the final videos all by the next day. Here is the video for Adidas which is a recap of an entire weekend of skate events:

Here is the video of the event for the last day of the weekend:

Harold Hunter Day XI Skate Jam

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