Week 12: Friday, May 8th, 2020

Here is what we are covering today:

• Organizing your space
• Collection vs Smart Collections (Link)
• Additional Editing tips
– Holding control while using the brush tool to get cleaner masks
– Using the eyedropper on a grey area to set the white balance
• Classic Editing styles (Link)
– Clean Edit
– High Contrast Edit
– Warn and Mid to High Contrast Black and white Edit
– Damaged / Light leaked photograph Edit
– Vintage photo Edit

Our final project will be a “take-home” project. On Monday, May 11th, I will be providing a dropbox link with photographs to edit and instructions of what I would like to see. The final is due Friday, May 22nd at noon. During our final class on Friday, May 22nd, we will review the final together.