Due Week 13: May 22nd, 2020

Out of the 190+ photographs, you are to choose 5 of them to edit.

Download the images here.

Each image should show one of the following editing styles:
– Clean edit
– High contrast color edit
– High contrast B/W edit
– Damaged/light leak edit
– Vintage color edit

After editing these in Lightroom, continue to edit these in Adobe Photoshop to complete retouching the photos.

You should have a folder with the raw image files and xmp files, a folder with your photoshop files with layers clearly labeled, and a jpg folder showing the final edited result. Creating a separate folder of jpg images where you show the unedited and edited versions side by side will give you extra bonus points.

How this will be graded:
20% – Did you edit each of the five photos in the editing style

25% – While exploring your raw files and xmp files, do you show mastery in using development tools  to execute enhancing your photographs

25% – Showing a mastery in using photoshop adjustment layers, layer masks and other retouching tools

20% – Clearly labeling your photoshop layers when completing your retouching

5% – Properly labeling files and storing them in proper folders

5% – Turning in your final no later than Friday, May 22 at 1:00 pm.

10% – Extra credit for creating a separate set of images that go side by side comparing before and after each image was edited.
100% (+ a bonus 10%)

In class on the 22nd, we will go over everyone’s work and over the weekend I will look into the individual files more thoroughly before giving them a final grade.

Upload your work here.