Week 07: March 20th, 2020

Today we are going over the following:

Please Download one of the following Photos: Background, Figures, Figure, Figure

β€’ We will be going over how to create convincing collaged images (Link, Link, Link)

– We will explore realistic approaches from placing people and objects, as well as using various brushes to add shadows and layer blending modes.
– We will also explore ways to be a bit more outside the box. (Link, Link)

The purpose of today’s lesson: Being able to take a cast of people and photoshop them together is challenging and is usually done for advertising and editorial purposes.

A great example of this is the cast of the new Lion King. Almost everyone at the shoot was not there at the same time. So over the course of a few days, they shot everyone and carefully retouched and places all of these people in one photo. How do I know this? John Oliver mentioned it on an episode of Last Week Tonight.

Another great example is to be able to create elevated collaged photo-illustration. Eleanor Shakespeare is a great example of this.