Wach for Pepper Spray!!!!

The Occupy Wall Street movement has change from a local movement to  interstate and beyond (International Movement). Since  two months ago when the movement started the protesters have face with numerous confrontations with police officers. But since one of  the issues that the movement its trying to resolve its the state budget cuts on universities and the high tuition fees that higher education student are faced with .Its not imaginable that the movement will hit universities and colleges around the nation. But with the movement been adopted by college students and protest demonstrations in the   campus , comes the same police confrontation that we see in other protest sites.

One of the most recent and chocking police confrontation with the students was in UC Davis, California when a video was release viral one the wed , where police officer spray a large amount of pepper spray  to peaceful student protestors.

In an article publish in The Washington Post ,by Melissa Bell publish on the wed in November 21 , arguees the roles of ¬†police officers in a passive protest.Bell’s main point in the article is to question the way that many police officers and law enforcement officer are handling the protests whether they are passive or the police officer where confronted.In addition Bell , exposes some of the UC, Davis professors opinions on the different non- violent ¬†ways that the Campus should react to the protests .


The Washington Post Company is an American eduction and media company ,who also own Kaplan INC.

In an article publish on ¬†November 21 in The New York Times by Bryan Stelter, discuse the UC,Davis police brutality incident that affected a ground of student that were protesting in the campus about the state college budget cuts and high tuition, when by order of the University’s Chancellor ,Linda P.B.Katchi order the police department to enter and removed all of the students that were protesting.Stelter analyzed the event which led to several arrest and two of the protestor in the hospital.

Source:The New York Times :http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/22/us/police-officers-involved-in-pepper-spraying-placed-on-leave.html?_r=1&h

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