occupy wall street

I agree with the occupation of wall street all the way. The reason i do agree with this occupation is because i have a strong hate for our government. The reason i feel like that towards our leaders is because they think they are smarter/slicker then everyone else. They portray a massive amount of corruption but format in legal terms. For example as i have said before right when this occupation started and people started to protest outside of chase banks through out the tristate area Chase randomly donated 4.6million dollars to the New York City police department. Why did they donate so much money? Its obvious; for protection from society. The police took very vulgar actions towards the people (especially women). I experienced a group of 500+ people walk down the middle of the streets screaming whose streets our streets F the police and hundreds of riot cops following them. The general statement of poverty and job loss is enough in my eyes for the government to take action. They know what they are doing wrong but they want specific guide lines on what should be fixed hoping that we the people wont mention everything on that corruption list that the government has been going by. Our leaders are more concerned with improving their own careers then improving our surroundings.

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