Is over ?

Today the Occupy Wall street protestors have been moved out of Zucccotti Park by the Mayor Order. Around 1pm the police department warned the protestor about the cleaning of the park, by 3pm the protestors had to pack there tents and clear out the entire park . The majority of the people did fallow the police orders and move out but more a dozen opposed and form a human chain ,which led to arrests. According to the mayor , the reasons for the order to remove all the protestors with their tents was because, the protestors in Zuccotti Park were disturbing the neighborhood and pedestrians, the quality of life and sanitation was deplorable and that some of the protestor were breaking some laws. After the park was clear the sanitation department removed all of the tents that were left and started the cleaning process of the entire park. But the Occupy Wall street protest is not over, because as they were removed from Zuccotti Park they moved on to the front gates of City Hall, were the mayor its going to make press conference later in the day.

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