Crimes on Wall Street

I didn’t know much about the Occupied Wall Street protest, only the little that was mention on the evening news. I wasn’t sure what they are protesting about and why. But what I do know about the Occupy Wall Street protesters are not wanted at the park. And many times the police had to take some actions. According to a New York Times article of the protest on November 8th, “Stories of crimes and dangerous behavior, mostly anecdotal, have been used as fuel by those who say the protesters must go.” It is also said that the number of arrest has increased in the last month but that the number of summonses has decreased. There is even a dispute between who is patrols the park. The police are station at the perimeter of the park but it seems that the department patrols the interior of the park.

As stated in the article, “Several assaults reported to the police were said to have occurred inside tents. It is hard to gauge the true numbers, however, because some protesters said they had been reluctant to come forward about other attacks.” A man from Crown Heights was arrested last week for sexually assault chargers on a protester.

I still have trouble understanding the real significants of the Occupy Wall Street protest but one thing I do know they are many headlines every which way, especially, with crime.

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