Occupy Wall Street

The protest in Wall street is so that the banks can stop what they are doing because they are adding more debt for the country and taking it down. What the banks have been doing for years is that they have been loaning people money that they don’t deserve. The banks don’t even check if the person works where they say they work or even if they are who they say they are. The banks just take the word of the person asking for the loan and they don’t check anything because reports have been made that banks have loaned money to people that are dead. Someone that is dead obviously can’t pay for a loan so then the bank is left with this debt that they brought on themselves. To get rid of these debts, the banks then sell the loans as a whole bunch added together to Wall street so that they can gain more interest from the debts. The banks kept doing this and more people were getting into debt because they couldn’t pay for the loans they had asked for. This is the reason why the country is in the shape it is in right now, bad. The protest in Wall street are there because they don’t want the economy to get worst for their future and everyone elses. At first when i heard about this protest i wasn’t very interested in it but then as I got a little knowledge about why they were doing that and this is for everyone, the 99.9% so they have my support.

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