Fire in Brooklyn: How Tragedy Shaed the Future

Alex C, Eliza B, Joshua M, Anthony V, Horacio, Isaías G





What kind of Questions did each of the three stations bring up? What kind of information did you find?


Information gathered

– The Theater was located on 315 Washington Street.

–          Found from Case Dos, groups of people were affected.

–          Price of funeral.


– How law enforce responded to emergences.

– How big was the theater?

`           – Was the funeral Organized?

–          Were photos published before or after the fire?

How did those questions/information relate to one another?

With Casa Dos it showed on maps how far people  lived to the Brooklyn Theater. It also showed what kind of people went to the Brooklyn theater/ first casa middle from their income.

Given what you have seen and explored come up with three questions for further research.

–                        How did law enforcers take to react to the fire?

  • How were the building codes before & after the fire?
  • Was the area around the theater affected due to the fire

For each of those three questions, lay out at least 1 or 2 of the first steps you might take to begin answering them.

–          Figure out how many fire dept. were around the area (Brooklyn theater) during that time period.

–          Research another disaster to compare to the theater at that time period.

Indentify three ways in which your work on the Brooklyn theater fire relates to what you learned in your architecture classes.

–          Dept of buildings before and after.

–          New building built on the area.

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