Class Notes – 10/25/11

Today’s Class

1. Attendance
2. Process Letter
3. Process Discussion
4. Revision discussion
5. BHS Group posts/recaps/reflection
6. Ghost Map/Hot Zone – infection, disease, urban space
7. Maps
8. Preparations for BHS visit on Thursday


1. Describe the process you went through in choosing an article to summarize
2. In that article, how did you choose which points to summarize?
3. What writing strategies worked/didn’t work for you?
4. What would you do differently if you were starting to write this essay from scratch today? What advice would you give to someone in another class about to start this paper?
5. Name a few They Say/I Say templates that you used
6. What do you like best and least about your paper?

1. Agree or disagree or both?
4. Even if you have a point in mind, think of the other options.
— Don’t procrastinate
— Whatever article you pick, look into it deeply so that you can pull out the various points within it
— Look for conversations around the source — read the original author — then do research
— Look for related works by same author

Citing Electronic Sources – MLA –

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