The only thing we get are the bills !!!!

Visiting The Brooklyn Historical Society for the second time,                           . First we leaned some information about the actual architecture style of BHS (Queen Anne Style architecture ) which in a way was an eye opener because I didn’t know that architectural style. As soon as we got settle in the library , my classmate and I separated into groups. Each group had a different task , In my group we were giving the chance to see and read actual case files which contained letters and a set of relief receipts from the Brooklyn Theater Fire on December 5, 1876.  As my classmates Juliana and I ,  started to read a particular letter witting to the relief organization asking for money. My classmate Juliana and  I found out that this particular woman who was in the theater during the fire, actually work (which is something not common during that time) and because of the illnesses that were caused by the fire she  not capable of working  and could not support her large family. Also there was a case of a man , who lost his life at the fire named Jhon Addisson , aged 25 , according to the records he was the only in the family who worked , earning only 12 dollars and having as dependent his 65 years old ill mother and a 22 year old brother named Michael . In this relief records it was also stated, that the family only had receive 8 dollars from the relief organization . Which brought us to the conclusion that it was almost imaginable that the family of this victims , use there entire salary to pay there death family funerals if that particular person was lucky to be identify !!!!!

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