The second visit to BHS

As we visited the Brooklyn Historical Society we broke up into groups. This time we learned about the Brooklyn Theatre Fire. This fire was said to be on of the biggest events to happen in Brooklyn. Due to the fact that painting were made out of oil, light was given from fire and fuel as well as that to get cheap seats was on the balcony which had only one way up which means only one way down… all these factors had lead to the death of the people in Brooklyn Theatre.

What my group had learned from Robin was that how to search using the computer in BHS. We had to find photos of the Brooklyn Theatre before and/or after the fire using the tips and  tricks that she has taught us making it easier then we would have if we did it by ourselves. Well what my group had found was that there were 2 pictures of the Brooklyn Theatre and when it used by a machine called Stereoscope Viewer which makes the picture look 3D which I found to be pretty cool since I did not know that they had this at those times.

I also learned that Theater could be spelled in 2 ways as in theater and theatre. Never knew this before until we started using the computer to find the pictures of Brooklyn Theatre. Too bad when Robin had split us up using 2 different computers to find more pictures faster when I went to the other computer with half of my group we had trouble finding pictures till the last second but besides that I had learned something new at the end of our visit.

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