Fifth Day of Training

All of us are focusing on the group project today. After we decided the logo, fonts, color scheme, and each person’s tasks on the first day. I was thinking the second day would be smooth. But as we were doing our own tasks different questions and concerns emerged. We actually had lots of discussions today probably we were not talking straight to the point. Because everyone has their own aesthetic and we don’t want to ruin the efforts everyone put on their works. But I know it’s a group project we need to work together and keep the style consistent. I still think we need to communicate more, be strict and responsible for each other’s work.

Fourth Day of Training

It’s the second week of training we are now focusing on the final group project. We have been talking about the project during weekends try to sperate the tasks. But I think we are at the wrong track at first. After having a brief discussion with Lu everybody are more clear about our own missions. For the group project I think should communicate more. And ask everybody’s opinions after deciding anything.

Day 3 of Training

We finally wrapped up the City Tech Writer project today. Through this project I am more aware of the hierachy of laying out contents. When I am doing my school project I’m focus on the visual elements more than contents.

Lu and Anmol helped us out with the file naming in the morning. Because all of us had made mistake on that part. We also had a brief discussion about the next project about information design. We shared each other’s topic and the trainers proved them. I spent the whole morning to do the research on the UX design process and think about what style I want to go with this project.

After lunch break We did final touch of the City Tech Writer project. Then Lu and Anmol introduced us the last group project we will work on next week. Compare to school project we have a long period to work on one project. But at work we have to manage multiple projects at the same time at short period of time. It’s a challenge for me but I will get used to it.

Day 2 of Training

We have continued the City Tech Writer project today. In the morning we did the critic first each of us have to present our digital draft and critic each others work. Then based on the suggestions the trainers gave us, we could change our draft accordingly. I was not sure about how big the font size will work well at first. The trainers have provided me a lot of samples to use as references. Finally under the trainers guidance I figured them out. Right now my posters are looking much better than I just came in to the office this morning.

Day 1 of Training

Today is my first day of Training. Our trainer Anmol and Lu gave us a comprehensive presentation of how the training will be like during the two weeks. After the introduction we did one hour imitation of one poster which the trainer assigned for is. The goal for duplicate the poster is to prove the mistakes in the poster and figure out the fonts and colors. After we finished it Lu and Anmol gave us feedback of our work. Also they told us how to find the same fonts in the Adobe Acrobat. When we came back from one hour lunch break we are assigned to design a poster for the City Tech Writer Volume 15th. The trainers gave us 45 minutes to develop some drafts also practice writing an email for the clients. Around three fifteen Lu and Anmol started to check our works and gave us some constructive feedbacks about our posters which I think is really helpful.

I think it is critical to take the training before we actually start our internship. Through the training we can get familiar with the working process. I want to learn how to quickly develop an idea and get my work done in a short period of time. Today I haven’t got a chance to work with Antonin but we had some conversation based on the thing we’re not clear. I believe we will work more closely next time.